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Dracaena Baby Doll

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Dracaena is a diverse and popular genus of tropical plants that are well-suited for indoor cultivation. They are part of the Asparagaceae family and are native to Africa and Asia. Dracaena species are known for their attractive foliage, which comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Here is a general description of Dracaena plants:

  1. Foliage: The foliage of Dracaena plants can vary significantly between species and cultivars. Some have long, arching leaves with colorful stripes or edges, while others have broad, lance-shaped leaves with various patterns. Common leaf colors include shades of green, yellow, red, and cream.

  2. Growth Habit: Dracaena plants can be small, compact shrubs or large, tree-like specimens, depending on the species. Some varieties have multiple stems, creating a bushy appearance, while others have a single, upright stem with leaves forming a canopy at the top.

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