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Calathea Ornata Sanderiana Plant

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Calathea ornata sanderiana, also known as the pin-striped calathea, is a beautiful tropical plant that is native to Brazil. It is a member of the Marantaceae family and is often grown as a houseplant due to its unique and attractive foliage.

The leaves of the calathea ornata sanderiana are long and slender, with a distinctive pink and white striped pattern that runs parallel to the veins. The undersides of the leaves are a deep maroon color, adding even more visual interest to the plant.

This calathea plant requires bright, indirect light and consistently moist soil to thrive. It can grow up to 2 feet in height and should be fertilized monthly during the growing season to promote healthy growth.

One interesting feature of the calathea ornata sanderiana is its ability to "pray" - at night, the leaves will fold upwards as if in prayer, and then unfurl again in the morning. This movement is caused by changes in the plant's water balance and is a natural and harmless behavior.

Overall, the calathea ornata sanderiana is a stunning and unique plant that is sure to add a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor space.

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